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[세계녹색당 총회 현장 보고_셋째날] COP23: What is at stake? What is the Green role?

녹색당 전국사무처
2017-04-01 22:55

COP23: What is at stake? What is the Green role?

09:00 Saturday 1April

Moderator: Oras Tynkkynen (Finland)

Speakers: Bas Eickhout (Netherlands), Elizabeth May (Canada), Miriam Kennet (United Kingdom), Andrea Bauer (Germany)

The COP is a diplomatic event, where each country just want to show the world that they have achieved something. It is highly doubted whether the heads of state signing those agreements, such as the Paris Agreement, truly understand the full impact of climate change and the actions they promise to fulfill. Now, with the Trump Administration in place, we fear that much of the progress we have made at the multilateral level may get rolled back. But we should not be too pessimistic about this situation as there are legal limits to what Trump can do. After all, climate is a matter of science, not just politics. We Greens need to get our local actions together, get petitions signed up at sub-national levels. Besides, we can always adopt greener lifestyle patterns in our personal lives. That’s how we fight climate change and change the world for the better.

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