Hello young Greens,

GYG is organizing its first webinar of this year! All of you are invited to join!

We have 3 amazing speakers to share their insights on Green New Deal with global perspective and its meaning for young people.

This webinar would be partly in Spanish with English translation.

Topic: The Green New Deal – What does it mean for young people

Time: Feb 27th, 14:00 UTC

Place: online

Registration link: https://forms.gle/A7HYvebLw6knqhwF6


그린뉴딜 관련한 국제 청년녹색당에서 주최하는 이벤트 홍보합니다 🙂

한국시간으로 토요일(27일) 밤 11시, Global Young Greens에서 주최하는 그린뉴딜 웨비나가 있습니다.

영어로 진행되고, 시간대가 늦지만 유익한 세미나가 될 것 같아요!

관심있으신 분들의 많이 참여해주세요~